2019 best of the best awards. 2019 best of the best awards.

September 26, 2019 0 By Marc A Quessy


This category is where most sales OCCUR for the average UTVer. Machines powerful enough to have some serious fun that most people can afford without selling a kidney. This category is limited to a maximum width of 60 inches with engines varying from 700 cc to 1000 cc.

Every UTV manufacturer has at least two machines in this class which makes it the highest contender count in the UTV world. Mind you, most of these are not cheap to buy either. Some are well into the $20,000 mark depending on trim and packages.

We look for the best possible balance between performance, comfort and price. Most machines here do very well on these points.

Our 2019 pick:





Finally BRP gives us the Maverick we’ve all been asking for. This unit replaces the Gen 1 Maverick Xxc which wasn’t bad but suffered from a very iffy suspension with the shortened A-Arm and Rear TTC angled swing arms and was a mechanically loud unit.

I have a long-term 2019 Sport 1000R sitting in my garage for about 9 months now at the time I’m writing this and every time I take it out for a ride I’m all smiles. It’s extremely comfortable for my 6’3,235-pound frame and the suspension is awesome for a front and rear A-Arm type unit. Engine performance from the 100 hp Rotax v-twin is perfectly matched.

Can-Am has finally got a CVT setup that I actually cannot fault. Near perfect engagement and back shift, no loud mechanical noises and everything is in a nice package out rear, engine, transmission and rear differential are bolted together and easily accessible for maintenance.

Where it shines:

I drive my UTVs in the winter A LOT! I have access to thousands of kilometres of groomed trails right in my backyard and most UTVs don’t like snowy ruts. You get knocked around a lot trying to steer out of them with most trail UTVs. Not with this bad boy! Winter handling is what made this unit stan out. I still haven’t figured out why exactly it can pull out of ruts with minimal efforts like it does but I know for sure that it works. I’ve spoken to a few owners that report the same exact thing.

I forgot to mention mechanical noises that were close to deafening in the previous generation are now well within industry standards. That my friends is the difference between screaming and holding a normal conversation in the cab.

Near perfect trail UTV here!

Great job BRP!



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