2019 best of the best awards. 2019 best of the best awards.

September 26, 2019 0 By Marc A Quessy

Why not have a Canadian Best of the Best ATV/UTV awards?

The Oscars, people’s choice, MTV, the AMA and what not have their awards… Why not us in the Canadian ATV/UTV scene? Oh no! Not another long and boring 3 hours long award ceremony! Not gonna happen here folks!

How’s this going to work? How do we choose the winners? Well, I like it when things are simple and right to the point. So… Here’s how we chose the winners:

Jason and Sebastian hard at work

Jason and Sebastian hard at work

The team with our French Canadian publication get to ride or drive almost all the latest and greatest offerings from the manufacturers in Canada eh! OK, that’s a start, but what we also bring to the table is our social media platforms where 150k+ ATVers are either members or comment and give us feedback daily.

We also own one of Canada’s largest and oldest ATV forums ( where 15,000+ ATVers surf every single day.

So, take our experienced staff, seasoned professional mechanics, pro riders and all the web and social media we take feedback from, toss that up in a big plastic bin, season it with motor oil and some high-octane gas and VOILA! It’s not scientific, there’s no complicated math or polls. Just what we think is the best of the best in 2019. Enjoy!

Welcome to the 2019 best of the best ATV/UTV awards!



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