2019 best of the best awards. 2019 best of the best awards.

September 26, 2019 0 By Marc A Quessy


Drum roll please!


Holy Honda Batman! Wait, whaaaat? Honda finally built a high performance UTV?

And they did it with typical Honda style! This UTV is in a class of its own ladies and gents! When the specifications leaked on the web weeks before the launch date, I was already dreading having to ride it. 104 HP in a super sport? You kidding bruh? My expectations went down the drain…

Well, I got a rude awakening when I got to beat the living daylights of a final production unit right here in my backyard last April. The dumbfounded look I had on my face when I looked at the footage of the Gopro camera that was facing me is priceless. I was in UTV nirvana! A raging engine, flawless dual clutch transmission with a paddle shift and a sport mode that actually shifts faster than I can. Perfect fuelling and t

he most comfortable seat I’ve sampled yet.

The suspension setup in the rear is a little different with the angles and the sway bar mounted way high but it’s remarkably stable and composed in the rough stuff.

It’s built like a car. No wonder, eh? Honda makes great cars and motorbikes too. The fit and finish is perfect, the red paint is deep with a mirror like finish.

Why did Honda not do something similar with a sports ATV or bring the Talon 3 years ago where it would have annihilated the competition is a mystery to me. All I have to say is, if you are a super sport UTV buyer, you have to test drive the Talon X.

It’s just that good!



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