2019 best of the best awards. 2019 best of the best awards.

September 26, 2019 0 By Marc A Quessy


The first UTV was a utility machine designed to haul people and stuff around. It wasn’t long before people found ways to enjoy themselves with them by modding engines and customizing them to suit their needs. Polaris changed the game when it introduced a sportier UTV called the RZR 800 but that is another story.

Manufacturers have come a long way since then with utility workhorses that can handle some serious hauling and tailoring with ease. But, when the day’s work is done, they are often used for fun. Nowadays we can have all the creature comforts of your pickup truck in a work UTV like power steering, full enclosure, electric windows and climate control! Who knew this would be possible today 15 years ago?

Heavy work AND play? Why not, we say!

This year’s pick is going to surprise you!





We are not pulling your leg here folks! We have a Chinese built utility UTV that won’t fall into pieces after a few months of use! This thing is built tough from the quality frame welds right up to the roll cage. Look at the picture my friends and tell me this thing isn’t beautiful to look at.

Fruit of CFMOTO’s partnership with European motorcycle manufacturer KTM, you can see and feel the refinement in the latest offering from the Chinese factory. Full doors and heated seats are no charge accessories in 2019!

The 1000 cc engine delivers a sedate 80 hp through a Canadian made CVTECH CVT that makes every horse count. It will haul 1000 lbs and PULL 2000 lbs with ease. It’s deceptively fast (over 100 kph top speed) has good handling, stops on a dime, the interior is well laid out and fit and finish is the best I’ve seen yet from CFMOTO.

A winch, radial tires, front and rear hitch receiver, flashers, mirrors and roof is included, To top it all off, they offer a 1 year full, 5 years/5000 km powertrain warranty at no extra charge in Canada.

The UFORCE 1000’s retail price is $17,500!

Try one, we dare ya!

For all that oriental goodness the UFORCE 1000 is our pick for 2019



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