2021 Can-Am Commander XT 1000 EXTREME review.

2021 Can-Am Commander XT 1000 EXTREME review.

April 27, 2021 0 By Marc A Quessy

New machine, spring thaw, mud, more mud, lots of water, snow and ice!  What could go wrong?

Watch the video:

The 2021 Commander from Can-Am is one of the most anticipated and asked for model refresh in the last couple of years at Can-Am.  It comes back at every video, every launch event, as comments in Can-Am social media:  WHEN?

When is now!  It’s here!  No like I mean here, at my shop, I’m looking at it now!

New VS Old

We took it out to find out if it was any better than the old Commanders in some very and I mean VERY rough trails.  We had it for a limited amount of time and most trails are closed but, we found some open trails on a weekday where we could push it outside of the weekend rush of ATVers that need to ride their machines.


How did it go?

Watch the video for all the details!


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