2021 Yamaha RMAX 1000 walkaround

2021 Yamaha RMAX 1000 walkaround

October 26, 2020 0 By Marc A Quessy

HELL YEAH BROTHERS! Well, it was about time Yamaha did something about performance in the UTV Sport Utility  segment. When I sampled both the OG Wolverine UTV that was a step in the right direction and the subsequent Wolverine X2 / X4 with the 850 twin engine, I knew they could do it.

It was just a question of time…

We had to wait 5 years before the guys at Yamaha to give us a Sport Utility UTV with attitude and brawn.  The kinda machine that your kid is going to love to ride in, the wife also and does not look like a hot rodded oversized golf cart.  You know what I mean here don’t ya?  The UTV you’re gonna love washing in your driveway and show off to your buddies and neighbors…  That’s what I’m talking about here bud!  Meet the RMAX my friends!

This UTV just screams performance with it’s agressive stance, hella ground clearance, 30 inch wheel shod with superb Maxxis Carnivore radials and that monster 999cc engine.

Now that’s what I’m taking about bud!  The type of machine that can do some hard work with a look that you won’t get tired of after 6 months.  Best of all, it’s a Yamaha!

Let’s see what Marc can find out about the RMAX in this walkaround video:


The RMAX 1000 is not your average Sport Utility UTV!  The mighty Polaris General which is my favorite touring rig of all time, now has some serious competition.  Competition is good, trust me on this…


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