Just another N/A UTV?  2020 Kawasaki TERYX KRX 1000

Just another N/A UTV? 2020 Kawasaki TERYX KRX 1000

October 10, 2019 0 By Marc A Quessy

Like I said before, the KRX 1000 was not a total secret and I knew it was coming. I’m satisfied of the initial look and the specs but I have a few beefs I want to mention:

69 inches wide? Seriously?

With all the regulations cracking down on UTVers that actually ride federated or private trails in Canada and the US, a 69-inch machine will be illegal to use in pretty much all trail systems. I CAN understand Kawasaki on wanting the ultimate dune machine from the get go but please, give us trail riders a 64-inch version like the RZR, YXZ and Talon.

Centrifugal wet clutch:

Again, I’m on the fence on this, usually a wet clutch is a power robber. With my guesstimate horsepower figure of 115/120 hp, it better be on par or better than its competition or people just won’t buy it.


1900 pounds? What the… Seriously? Diet plan anyone? Even the porky Wildcat XX is lighter at 1816 pounds while the others all weigh in at the 1500-pound mark. No wonder it needs a wet clutch.



I’m still very into the KRX though. There’s always something we don’t like about this or that and if Kawasaki did their homework properly, I think we got a definite winner here.

I’m getting a long-term unit as soon as they land in my local dealer’s showroom and I’ll get you a full in-depth review as soon as I can!




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