BEST SINGLE SEAT ATV (Most improved in this case)

It’s been a VERY dry year for anything new in the ATV market.  Well, humm… It’s been like that for a while now but, there are a few gems here and there.  So, without further delay, Here is best single seat (most improved) ATV for 2020:





Things are moving again in the house of the cat. Textron still owns Arctic Cat but ever since they have brought back the Arctic Cat name to their off-road division, there was nothing significant or interesting that came out of their factories until 2020.

The 2020 Alterra 700 is the Alterra that should have been from day one. At a glance, it looks exactly the same as before but, look closely and you’ll see something quite different. Fit and finish is near perfect! No loose panels, cleaner looking switchgear, better seat and that’s only the outside.

The 700 cc mill has undergone a few tweaks. Better mapping makes it snappier and a revised CVT drive makes all the difference.   This Cat will raise the front wheels off the ground if you mash the throttle to the pin from a dead stop, I kid you not!

This revised Alterra is so fun to ride and that’s something I did not think I would say from recently sampled Cat ATVs. It handles great, accelerated much better and midrange get go has been improved.

Street price versus retail price is way off though and that might be the reason why these cats don’t sell like hot cakes. You can get this model off the showroom floor for under 9 grand cad!

Try one, I dare you!

Great single cylinder ATV!

Can’t wait to see what’s up for 2021!



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