2021 Can-Am Commander: Can-Am answers our questions!

2021 Can-Am Commander: Can-Am answers our questions!

March 29, 2021 0 By Marc A Quessy

The global pandemic has changed the way I work on a daily basis.  Face to Face meetings I cherished so much are a thing of the past but, technology has made it possible to have one on one time with just about anybody on the planet in real time. So…That got me thinking.  What if I ask to talk to the people behind the scene, the people who actually know everything there is to know about a product? Well, I asked Can-Am and they obliged.  Thanks guys!

There is nothing sweeter for me to be able de meet with the people that designed a machine that I’ve owned.  Being able to ask the questions that I want, without barriers in a relaxed setting.  This is what I experienced with J.J. Rivet head of Can-Am’s UTV design team.

I had limited time so I took the top comments from my social media and myself and asked away.  J.J. was really cool and I think, answered them with a smile and the twinkle in the eye of a passionate UTV guy!

Please comment if you liked this format. I will arrange to get more guests like this one if you do!

Thank you for being here and watching / reading my original content.  I really do appreciate it!



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