2019 Honda Talon X Review

2019 Honda Talon X Review

April 22, 2019 0 By Marc A Quessy

After waiting soooo long on Honda to make up their mind if they were or not going to build a sports UTV…

IT’S HEEEERE! The all new Honda Talon X!

We knew it was going to be something good, Honda is just that meticulous when they build just about anything with a motor in it but, we never expected the Talon to be such a great all-around UTV. Joining Marc for this review is veteran Rallye driver Terry Menegoz that literally rode the wheels off our tester.

We must thank Ghislain from Moto Rive-Sud Honda that loaned us the first of three Talons that were delivered to his dealership. We got lucky again with our friend Maxime Belanger, president of the Club Quad Nature Portneuf ATV Club that was so nice to let us use part of his club’s trails even though they were closed for spring thaw period. He got the groomer out and let us have our way with the Talon.

Check out the Video!

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