We talk with Simon Belzile at BRP racing  ***Video***

We talk with Simon Belzile at BRP racing ***Video***

February 16, 2021 1 By Marc A Quessy

I’m a die hard fan of UTV racing!

UTVs have become so powerful and are equipped with suspension that can take on 24 inch whoops with ease that they can now achieve performance levels that match or exceeds other specially modified vehicles in all off road racing types and classes. This is so awesome!

With an impressive amount of podium finishes, wins and championships behind it’s belt, BRP’s Can-Am racing division sits on top of the UTV racing world right now. I wanted to learn ore about it so. I’ve had te opportunity to have some time one on one with BRP racing’s head Honcho, M. Simon Belzile through video conference.

Can-Am earned the top three podium at the 2021 KOH race.

We talk about the latest races, Can-Am’s dominance on the world stage right now and what it takes to buy an X3 off the showroom floor and turn it into a world class racer that meets some very specific rules and regulations.

I’m not at my best when I’m interviewing people like that, I’m more a hands on shop guy so bear with me.

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M. Lopez winner of the 2021 Dakar. BRPs 4th year in a row with the top position at the Dakar endurance race.

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